Platforms Project 2019 Athens

studio Asynchrome | Autopropaganda or Capital is a Bad Mediator

studio ASYNCHROME, founded by Marleen Leitner and Michael Schitnig in 2013, describe themselves as a “transdisciplinary experiment.” In this research-based work, the artist duo is constantly negotiating topics relating to society with the aid of photography, drawing, painting, installation, and animation. The artistic examination takes off from the assertion that utopia is not wishful thinking but rather a tool with which to rethink and change the world. In Autopropaganda or Capital is a Bad Mediator the duo looks at the consequences of industrialization in western societies since the mid-19th-century and concomitant neoliberalization. By means of a dispositif developed for the space, the artists combine historical and contemporary events with events that can be expected to occur in the future. Instead of resorting to an encyclopedic treatment of the causes and consequences of economic development, studio ASYNCHROME deploys representations in the form of drawings and text that allow the viewer’s particular standpoint to open up a host of individual narratives.


mit studio Asynchrome: 16. bis 19. Mai 2019


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